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RIA Attendance contract

Dear RIA Attendee:


RIAs are complimentary to attend and qualify for complimentary hotel accommodations and transportation-related expenses (up to $600 applicable to air, train or car travel) for up to 2 individuals per firm. XALT RIA Forum will cover a maximum of 2 rooming nights based on qualified event attendance per person. You will be notified by our staff if additional representatives have registered from the same firm.


Airfare Reimbursement Terms

E​ach participating RIA is eligible to receive up to two (2) airfare reimbursements worth up to $600 each. To be eligible for an airfare reimbursement:

  • Plane ticket must be in the name of the participant (e.g., the person who is attending).

  • Registrant must have purchased the ticket himself/herself or by one’s own firm. That is, a participant cannot receive a reimbursement unless airfare was a bona fide expense (e.g., already purchased by a third-party, or points or credits were used)

  • Registrant must complete airfare reimbursement form and include a copy of ticket purchase within 14 calendar days after conclusion of event.

  • Registrant must meet the XALT RIA Forum Attendance Requirements as outlined below.


Once the airfare reimbursement form is received, XALT RIA Forum will send a reimbursement check within five (5) working days after verifying all qualification terms were met. If any of the above terms were not met (and no exception was established before the event), you may not receive a reimbursement. Therefore, it is critical that you contact us  if any part of your travel will cause you to deviate from the above terms. For example, you will arrive late or need to leave early).


Ground Travel To and From Airport Expense Terms

​Each participating RIA is eligible to receive an UBER ridesharing service gift card worth $150 for each participant arriving by air, up to two (2) participants. It is intended that this gift card be used to get the participant to and from his/her home airport, as well as to and from the conference facility’s nearest airport. Gift card codes will be emailed to participant a week before the event. Any outstanding balance remaining on the gift card after the event is free for the participant to keep.  

Other Forms of Travel Reimbursement Terms


​XALT RIA Forum recognizes that participants may choose to travel by other means than plane, such as by train or car. We may be able to provide reimbursement for other travel means, provided they are not more expensive than $600 per participant. Such exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. To be eligible for other forms of travel reimbursement:

  • Request for other forms of travel reimbursement must approved by XALT RIA Forum before any such expenses are incurred.


Hotel Expense Terms


Each participating RIA is eligible to receive up to two (2) hotel rooms for up to two (2) nights, specifically for the first two days of the event. XALT RIA Forum will book your hotel room(s) for you after your registration is complete and accepted.

XALT RIA Forum will only cover the cost of the hotel room. Each participant is responsible for his/her incidentals, such as room service and mini bar items, and will be asked to provide a credit card to the hotel at the time of check in to cover such items.


Other Expenses Not Covered

​While XALT RIA Forum has attempted to cover every major foreseeable expense, it recognizes that the participant may incur other expenses related to this event. Please note that XALT RIA Forum will only cover the expenses outlined above and not any other incidental expenses. This includes, but it not limited to: parking fees, meals and snacks during transit, guest-related travel costs, air and hotel upgrades, entertainment, communication-related expenses, etc.​

XALT RIA Forum Attendance Requirements

  • Registrant must be in attendance during Day 1 Introductions (e.g., arrive by 2:00 pm on Day 1)

  • Registrant must attend at least 8 one-on-one meetings.


** IMPORTANT ** Hotel, airfare, and similar charges are paid for by participating Investment Managers as part of a qualified due diligence event, based on the understanding that registrants will attend all event sessions and other activities as may be specified. XALT RIA Forum reserves the right to instead charge these amounts, or a portion thereof, to the credit card of any registrant who does not adhere to announced attendance requirements. It is our expectation that attendees will participate in a majority of the event sessions. Please note you will be contacted prior to any amounts being charged.

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